How to fix League Of Legends in terms of champion balancing.

So I am a fellow solo q player that has ~1000 games this season in high diamond and low master. I have through solo q, truly learned which champions that need a nerf and perma ban in solo q. Champions: {{champion:29}} Twitch excels at about everything. His only weakness right now is his laning phase where he can have trouble against carries that either outranges him or outdamages him in the early game. In the mid-late game he is super powerful with the botrk + ruunans powerspike and can tear through the whole enemy team at the same time. {{champion:51}} Strong in lane. Strong in the mid game. Strong in the late game. Strong at sieging. Where is the weakness? Low mobility? Well that isnt quite enough. Caitlyn is dominating solo q with an extremely high play/win rate and is nearly banned or picked every game. {{champion:26}} Zilean Zilean zilean. In this current meta with immobile carries he excels. He has movement speed. He has a second life for a teammate and he has aoe stuns. Again the only weakness to be found is his laning phase in the middle/bot lane. He is too strong and also dominating solo q, especially at higher ranks since he relies on the adc to do the dmg. But here the big problem is his late game ultimate providing a revive every 36 SECONDS. That is nearly a revive every half minute. How do you hard punish that ??!?? {{champion:61}} Strong laning phase strong teamfight, and a safe first pick in the middle lane. Also very dominant in the pro scene. (Can one shot every squishy champ with q+r+w. {{champion:117}} As Ive mentioned earlier, the meta is immobile ad carries that can deal tons of dmg in short amount of time. THerefore Lulu is also really good with her w (empowering attack speed and movement speed significantly) and her ultimate to slow all nearby allies and to keep an allie alive. {{champion:92}} Extremely strong laning phase, and hard to punish due to dorans shield + e, and she scales really well. She has high mobility, high dps, good waveclear and good teamfight. Weakness? a bit squishy, but thats all? {{champion:119}} Well since the buff of death's dance Draven has seen a rise in both play and win rate and he is seen as one of the most powerful marksmen in the game atm. Definitely needs some kind of nerf. {{champion:154}} Also a previous perm ban/pick champ that received some nerfs that definetely helped, but that was not enough. {{champion:19}} Strong early game - check. Can 1v1 the top junglers check. Can wave clear fast (tiamat build) check. Can solo drake early check. Can chase down opponents without having much counterplay check. Can be kited? Nope. Warwick's W and q makes sure that no target gets away. If Warwick then ends up being too deep he can simply just use his ultimate to escape. Okay he has an ultimate that can escape. But it can also engage? But Hecarim also has an ultimate that can do that? True but hecarim doesnt have an ultimate that suppresses the enemy? But Hecarim fears with his ultimate? Well Warwick has his e that fears all nearby enemies and he takes reduced dmg? hmmm. {{champion:134}} Do I even need to say why this champ needs some kind of r rework/nerf? In the late game she can flash and press r on a target and they get oneshot. Only counterplay being maw of malmortius or a GA for marksmen and Zhonya's for mages. Still needs a fix. {{champion:20}} Just broken atm tbh. S tier jungler after his "recent" buff. {{champion:38}} Perma ban/pick in solo q. Has strong laning phase because of deathfire touch + his null sphere and wins most trades and becomes a monster in the mid game when ROA and lich bane completed. Thank you for reading this post. Remember this is my opinions and you can feel free to dislike or agree in the comments, but make sure to come up with a solid argument. I hope this leads up to some debate in the community. Kind regards - Snowhill
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