K/DA Akali Prestige Edition Feedback/Request

I really love this skin, since it's so beautiful, at first I tought I wouldn't regret not having it, but now I'm crying everyday. What I like about this skin is mainly the golden coat, her hair, and how she looks on shroud. I love the coat because it's a kinda unusual style, since I can see her arms on her sleeves, which is pretty cool, her hair is orange (more peach-color but whatever) which is my favorite color, and when she's on Shroud, DAMN IT'S AMAZING! I LOVE THE COLOR SCHEME BEHIND IT!!!! I know it's basically a reskin of the original one, BUT IT'S SO AWESOME (and still creative)! {{sticker:sg-jinx}} _**Now for the main point:**_ When the skin was released for the Snowdown Points, I could only reach around 1500 Tokens because of vacations and didn't have a computer to farm it. I hate holidays because of that now! And when they introduced the Prestige Points shop, my eyes gleemed with hope, I tought that maybe they would add all prestige skins there! I have 87 Prestige Points now, so I beg of you, PLEASE ADD THE PRESTIGE AKALI TO THE SHOP! I know that you guys aren't obligated to do this, but since Riot Support responded to my Tweet, I tought I had a chance, a path of hope opened before me, so help me make this little wish true! {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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