This is how to make league great again

League is so fkn shit right now, Unbalanced, powercreeped, too much damage, runes being overly damaged. Conqueror being too OP, newly released champs being overpowered akali zoe pyke, the game is too unbalanced basically. What needs to be done would do to fix it is Revert it to the old rune pages Nerf newly realeased champions Pyke Zoe Akali Rakan Completely rework conqueror, too OP at the current state. Nerf ignite to the old damage Overall champion nerfs, Heimer Taliyah Rengar Leblanc Chogath Darius Katarina Kassadin Evelynn Nocturne Kha Graves Kindred Yasuo Bring back base stats so ppl are tankier Improve matchmaking Increase the bans (too little bans in my games there are mostly 7 bans) its not enough to ban all the broken champs that exist today
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