My not so great experience with Garen's Villain mechanic

I played top with Garen, lane's not going to well for me, i'm 1/2/1 enemy top Irelia is 5/1/0 and she is a villain with 500 gold on her, my jungler ganked but unfortunately died to her(it was Irelia's 5th kill) but left her with around 45%~ health. The villain indicator didn't show up but i have enough experience as Garen to know that if i ult now it will leave her with no more than 200 health so i decided to ult her and then finish her up with my Q which i knew was coming up soon, if i killed her i would get my sweet 500 gold and take at least 3 plates off her turret, so i did it! And i think you all guessed what happened next... Yes. Villain switched from her to a roaming mid laner that just got a double kill on bot and because of that Irelia survived my ult AND Q with lots of healh, escaped and killed me shortly after. I f***ing hated that. I have NEVER been so close to smashing my monitor in my life and not just in league, IN ANY GAME EVER. Please Riot i'm not asking you to change it or buff it, just delete it. I don't care how strong or effective it is if this happens to me one more time i will seriously smash something. I'm GENUINELY afraid of playing Garen because of that. I don't think Riot is a bad company or there's something wrong with balance/design team its just that you gotta realize that this Villain mechanic is a mistake. Please.
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