Always going to be stuck in Bronze 3 :(

I decided to go back to playing ranked as I felt I am better than bronze 3 now. Played 3 games altogether. 1st game went perfectly fine and we won, was able to dominate my lane + dominate the end game, so was an enjoyable experience. 2nd game was much different. I was still winning my lane, but we ended up having a trolling ADC who would "disconnect" the second we started winning and pushing lanes down, meaning we lost our main turret damager everytime we tried to push, making it take much longer to kill the turrer, giving the enemy team enough time to respawn and make us deal with a 4v5 as the ADC was still "disconnected". And then to make things worse, whenever we were in ateam fight, they just went to the other side of the map and started farming CS instead of actually helping us, meaning most fights were 4v5, they then flamed us in chat constantly, calling us all noobs and telling us to shut up. Was a level 7 Vayne, but I don't believe they got that rank themselves. 3rd game we ended up having 2 major trolls. Our jungler kept dying to every camp, ran into the enemy to die (inting) and kept trying to steal farm off of everyone else. Same goes for the ADC and supp, both fed bottom lane early on, inted the whole time and sat harrassing all of us in chat. 3 games, only 1 win due to other players, meaning the points I earned from the first game vanished thanks to trolls and inters, so I'm never going to leave Bronze 3 and will always be classed as a "noob" due to my rank :-/. Does anyone else have this problem, or is it just me?
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