The Hunter Machete Change Hurts Rengar.

So as most of you know, to prevent gold funneling Rito made people who have hunters machete or whatever jungle item built from it, gain reduced gold from minions if they have the most gold in their team, until they buy an enchantment for said item. Practically, this really shouldn't affect anyone but gold funnelers, but one champ in particular I've noticed has seen the impacts of this more than most. So with any real build on Rengar, you should just skip buying warrior, if not skip the jungle item entirely, and that's because you should be rushing your main items (Duskblade, Yommous, etc) to reinforce your snowball heavy play style and allow you to one shot people reliably. The issue comes in when you actually manage to successfully snowball, are ahead of the rest of your team in kills and gold, while NOT gold funneling, and still having just the machete in your inventory for jungle exp. In this scenario, which really isn't that uncommon, you've essentially been punished for doing well and itemizing correctly, and this in turned decreases the essential ability to split push, and I think this is an unforeseen consequence that should be addressed asap.
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