TFT is NOT RNG based, it's actually worse, and i'll tell you why.

When it comes to a roulette game, certainly one that requires you to match up pairs, you think of deck based games. Say for instance Hearthstone or Pokemon. You have your own deck, and you wait to pull basically Exodia. However in this game, you appear to have what one considers a random rotation of champions that you have to pull at certain times to make your units. Now i know i saw this somewhere but i glossed over it because i'm basically a moron, or that i coulnd't believe it to be true... However from seriously paying attention, it is true. The selection of champions you roll are NOT random. RNG plays 0% in what you're getting, atleast not late game. Are you sitting on that 1 more Garen to get your rank 3? Have you spent 50 gold in 15 rounds looking for it only for you to think RNGESUS is laughing at you? No... The actual answer to where that last Garen is: someone else has it. Have you maybe sat on a unit but figured you'd sell it because you're just not pulling another one, and low and behold out of amusement another shows up legit one re-roll later? that's because it's the one you just sold. The hidden op 'tactic' in this game, is if you see the person in first steam rolling it, and appears to be building Garen, take it when you see it, because he'll NEVER be able to gain that rank 3. Now, when players fall off, all their champions i believe goes back into the deck, but you don't get to choose who you kill off, so you have no power in that. Essentially this game is actually worse than an RNG fest, it's a game that can be manipulated by a player, despite that player gaining no benefits either. The winner is actually the person who just doesn't do what everyone else does. So all those Graves and Fiora's you see spamming your deck roll, that's all you're getting because nobody else wants them. This game would benefit from a build your own deck system. Certainly with the idea that new champions may be released, they'll be no way to actually balance anything when it comes to rolling certain things, at-least hypothetically. We either gain an excess of 'cards' in this shared pool, or we create the deck ourselves. Re-rolling doesn't mean we're dumping it all in one go, but we can sell and adapt to a strategy that we want at the time, without being blocked by players who actually have no idea they're doing that. It's a great game, that needs refinement in how we access our units. Oh. The item drops are RNG though. Fix that.
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