Reverting The Reworks - The Question of Success

Hi there, My name is Kuro, I've played League of Legends since the end of beta. What we're going to discuss here, is whether or not the assassin reworks actually was a success. So as some of you might know by now, they're reverting LeBlanc's rework. And this honestly got me thinking. Did they screw up with their reworks? Was it really a success worth the year they've been out for? I'll also talk about my opinions on other reworks, such as the Leblanc revert and the Maokai update and Quinn **** **History and Recap** As you might know, there's a bunch of reworks that has gone through. And the list keeps getting bigger, better and more unique. Let's start with the first failure of a rework, Ryze. We all know the meme, "Oh another Ryze rework". And we have our reasons since he's been through quite a few major reworks, here's what I think they could be titled by. 1. The mana sucking faceroller 2. The mana based tank Morgana 3. The realm warping tank - Also Sonic fan. All of them seem slightly unbalanced in one way or another, I'm not complaining Ryze is busted and needs nerfs however. What I mean is that Ryze seems to be in a strange place, and it doesn't seem like it's that easy deal with. Not to mention, the whole fact that the old Ryze could buy frozen heart and go permasnare anyone who got too close... Fun times! Those are my thoughts on Ryze, now let's go to the Juggernaut Roster Update. Probably the best roster update to date, where they didn't get completely destroyed. But actually managed to get better, without changing too much about the champions. I know roster updates aren't exactly meant to be HUGE changes to every single champion in the Roster, but I'll get to why I think this is invalid in a second. Darius was slightly unbalanced and saw quite a bit play... This was because of his ultimate resetting whenever he got a kill, regardless of ultimate level. This made him a great snowballer, because whenever he killed someone in lane with his ultimate, he could simply recall and go back to lane, kill them with the ultimate and repeat. I know there's a lot of other Juggernauts who saw major improvement, but Darius seemed to be the major one who still reaps the benefits. The heal on his Q solved a problem that Darius had, which was he lacked sustain considering he's meant to be standing in the middle of a team, ready to execute everyone who gets in his way. It came off as a trade though, adding counterplay to his Q as it had a charge time, the ultimate didn't reset permanently whenever he killed someone with it, at least not until it's maxed out. Overall this rework made Darius more engaging and really caught his executioner theme. Now, for the Roster updates themselves. Roster updates are supposed to make changes to a whole roster, meaning they'll probably be less major, but still big enough to change the rosters playstyle. Take for example, the assassin rework. The assassin rework was a huge hit to everyone who played assassins, because we were all so used to being able to instantly take out a target, and jump out again. Making the player feel as if they really did well, when they succeeded in killing their targets. But, all great things must have a downside. There weren't any counterplay, which as we all know now, Riot Games doesn't like that. And looking at the Rengar revert, Zed buffs, Leblanc revert, Ahri buffs. They all seem to tie into making them oneshotting assassins again, which I don't understand. Some of you might have seen my discussion on Akali, and you all said point and kill champions with low cooldowns are - broken and easy compared to the other assassins. But look back at the times of when you were getting oneshot by a LeBlanc W Q R'ing you, THIS is coming back. And don't tell me "SHE HAS BETTER COOLDOWNS, THERE'S NO PROBLEM WITH THIS" LeBlanc can now take Presence of mind, build 45% CDR, still being able to oneshot. And her Q now applies a instantly poppable mark, making her lane poke so much easier. LeBlanc, can literally get 16 seconds cooldown on her ultimate. And not only that, her E Q W combo will probably also oneshot you again, simply because the mark is that good again. Now let's talk Maokai Maokai is a really strong tank, especially against spell spammers, such as Ryze. His passive healing is good as it always has been, but his ultimate changed. And I don't think it's that good of a change anymore, considering reverting assassins means you'll surely get messed up if you don't counterbuild it or get some damage reduction. Which we all know, Maokai used to give with his ultimate. Sure the ultimate now seems kinda neat, and gives him game changing potential. But I still think we need something to deal with all these reverts on assassins, and sure I can pick a Karma mid and Janna support with Lulu toplane, but damn. I really think we need someone like Ivern, but more focused on toplane or midlane. Ivern is really great because of 3 things: 1. His ultimate is pretty good and provides a zoning danger to the enemy team 2. His shields are really awesome combined with Unholy Grail and has a fairly low cooldown 3. He's capable of being supportive, while still holding up by himself. We rarely see this, and this is somewhat the same as Maokai used to do. He would ult in teamfights, stick to carries and peel them. He could do this really well due to his CC, but the damage reduction on his ultimate. Man that was good, it felt so nice watching people survive with 10% HP, and think "Damn, he'd probably be dead if I hadn't reduced the damage on him." So what I really want, is some kind of supportive toplaner or midlaner, that can really focus on countering assassins or burst mages. Which is probably needed since marksmen right now, really are dormant and Zed is banned every game because of that. Giving us more ways to deal with assassins now, is something we need. Now on the other side of this, lets talk Quinn, or more specificly - **Valor** For those who used to play Quinn back in the days of her release, would know how satisfying being able to fly cross the map quickly to join a teamfight, push turrets as valor with the attackspeed buff or even oneshot a carry with the huge burst potential that Valor had. I really think, now would be a great time to really have Riot revert Quinn, looking at her playrate, she's played so little and mainly is in toplane. Where she's even pretty bad because you'll lack either a tank or a bruiser on the team in most cases. Sure she's played in the jungle as well, but she's outdone by almost every single jungler until she's 6 where her gank potential goes up to that of the old Warwick. Think about it, Quinn is so freaking bad right now, and I'm almost certain bringing back Valor could help. Making Quinn able to play as a melee assassin in the jungle when she has her ult, would be a huge improvement. Especially because Valor used to stay at the target when he'd E them, which mean you didn't have this awkward bounce back that 80% of the time leads to you getting screwed over cause they walked away and you get stuck behind a random unit. Valor also has a secured blind that made it really nice to fight marksmen, and I think Quinns major gameplay was in being this behind the enemy lines marksman, who could scout and take out priority targets. That's simply not the case anymore, Quinn is quite literally picked against bruisers toplane, she counters Garen, Darius, and Renekton really well there. But it just doesn't fit into her theme, at least.. I don't think so. Now, let's get this discussion going, and I'd love to see your responses in the comments below. What do you think of assassins being reverted? Do we need more supportive anti assassin champions for other lanes? What about Quinn, what do you think they should do? Sincerely Kuro {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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