Ryalis really needs a nerf

Riyals is perhaps the most ridiculous item in the game. Have you noticed how virtually every champ that scales off AP builds it ? THat's because it's disgustingly OP. Ryalis offiers : 400HP - pretty good 100 AP - a high amount of AP a 40% , 1.5 second slow with no cooldown that procs nearly every spell. - COMPLETLEY BROKEN A fairly good build path with amp tone, giant belt and rod Ryalis really needs atleast a cooldown of 5 seconds or more. I just played a game vs Ziggs who bought Rylais .As draven with 70% crit I could W up to him whenever and 3 shot him. Until he bought ryalis. In any teamfight, I could flash past Kha and Jax, auto Sivir twice, kill her and then auto sona twice and kill her. Until he bought ryalis. We could do any objective in the game and if anyone tried to contest, I could run up to them, auto twice and kill them. Until he bought ryalis. We ultimately lost the game? Why? We (nearly) aced several times and couldn't end because Ziggs killed all our minions. Nobody could kill him because he bought Ryalis, and just threw out 50,000,000 slows and ran away. So we would kill 4 people, he would stand at the turret and spam Q , W and E. If he didn't have ryalis, I could just run up to him, auto him twice and he would die. But? No. I have to dodge his 2 second cooldown Q with a 40% slow, his E with a 40% slow ontop of the 40% slow it already has, his W which knocksback and now slows me, and hit ult which now slows AOE. I would have to be scripting to dodge all that. This happened 3 or 4 times and the game spanned out into the 70 minute mark because nobody could kill ziggs due to fucking Ryalis. If it atleast had a cooldown, I could run up, QSS the slow, dodge W and kill him and end. But? Nope Waveclear, don't die due to slow Kha'zix backdoors our inhib We ace them in base ( apart from ziggs ) Ziggs waveclears, doesn't die due to slow Repeat 10x Elise gets caught 4v5 in base is lost GG Bullshit item.
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