Master Yi in low ranked games (Silver III)

Recently i picked up Master Yi due to the Rageblade rework and he is literally unstoppable Late game is not a option when there is a yi I builded my yi Full attack damage runes - 22 AD Fervour keystone Smite + Flash (In order) Berserker's Boots - ATT SPEED Bloodrazer - ATT SPEED Rageblade - ATT SPEED + DAMAGE Blade of ruin king - TANK DESTROYER + ATT SPEED Bloodthirster - ATT DAMAGE + LIFESTEAL Frozen Mallet + 30/40% slow on auto attack Do you guys think this is a good build? (btw if you never played yi before, do it, its free chest) But main question is, Could Master Yi be a very good champ in lower ranks??? Also i fully farm and rarely gank unless its a free kill. Is this healthy?
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