Look how Riot treats their players. Not everyone gets punished and loses Honor levels like you do!

This is a post about Riot Games and how they treat their players and how their broken system affects players differently and isn't fair or equal to everyone. _Evidence below._ Long story short: I was chat restricted for the first time after years... At the worst time possible. Days before the end of season rewards. My Honor dropped from level 4 to level 1 and got locked obviously (if my honor was level 2, I would still have been locked at level 1 after the chat restriction. So the fact that I put in effort for extra 2 honor levels is meaningless and counts for nothing. So that is stupid enough already)... But anyways... I had no time to do anything about that... Honor dropped, it was locked. So, I lost all my season rewards that I worked for... The chat restriction had no offensive language included, a bit of negativity, that is all. Very arguable restriction... **but that's not the whole point.** My friend 3 days ago received his first chat restriction as well. But, guess what... His honor did not drop at all. He contacted Riot because I asked him to. Proof in a short video: https://files.fm/u/aywxk9m3 Meanwhile I wrote a ticket myself to Riot and so is theirs response: https://imgur.com/H9cZHfU The Riot employee... GUARANTEES me that his level dropped as well... And clearly from the video above you can see it is a lie. Okay, we can argue that it is a display bug... if you want to. But now, 3 days later Riot responds to my friends ticket: https://imgur.com/SLU2Gou Confirming that it's not a display bug. It is a bug but his honor is actually at level 2. So automatically... A question. How can we trust Riot? Their systems are broken, support employees aren't up to what's going on... Imagine how many players got away and weren't punished. Who knows how long it's been going on. I personally had a very harsh punishment as my first one... For a bit of negativity... 10 chat restriction... But lost all my ranked season rewards. Extra Honor did not count for anything. Oh and how about the exception that Riot made last year giving players extra time to recover their Honor. None of that this year. Meanwhile my friend let it all out in the chat with offensive language and got away with it. He is Honor 2. Got his rewards and a happy man. So not only Riot is making exceptions but their broken system clearly doesn't treat everyone equally. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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