Kindred Reword !!!

Please riot its about time you fix KINDRED. 1. Kindred Mark 100% enemy jungle only 2. Kindred base DMG LOWW 3. Kindred base HP LOWW 4. Kindred base Attack Speed LOW 5. Stacks of Mark Bonuses 6. E skill sometimes doesnt effect full dmg on 4th hit 7. Making this champ so easy Rengar One Shot him instant and other champs too. This champ doesnt get any updates or fixes of balance, like all other champs got nerfed buffed balanced etc..this champ is so behind along time ago. Also the marks WTF always enemy jungle how can i do that when its warded non stop their jungle, going there = DEAD ... In match you can get max 4 stacks only from kills, you are lucky if you make 1 mark from their jungle.... So my suggestion is please fast update this champ i want to play it but now its like playing with an WARD CHAMP! Useless as hell. All champions can easy fail his jungle farm and take advantage from begining and this champ has nothing to do even in late game. Hope soon will see rework of this champ too making it balanced to other champs!!!
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