How hard is it getting gold in Flex and TT?

I only play League on a casual level, like playing ARAMs or playing with friends, because I don't find ranked fun at all, it's just not enjoyable because you're too funnel visioned on winning. I managed to get gold this season in around 50-60 games (I always played the placements last year and didn't try to grind at all) in soloQ, but I started being scared of one thing seeing the season rewards. And this is Sona getting a Victorious Skin. I'm a Sona main who has all her skins (except for the Muse one because it's a retired legacy, so I'm waiting for "Your Shop" and the Legacy Vault), and all chromas aside from the Guqin one (I wasn't playing at the time it was available, I hope to get it soon if they make it available again), but if she gets a Victorious Skin, I have to get gold in all ranked queues, no matter what. If I don't, I can never max Sona out. So that being said, how difficult are TT and SR flex? I have a strong feeling a support Victorious skin will be released next year, and unless Sona gets another skin until that, she qualifies for all the criteria to get a Victorious skin. Can gold be achieved in like a month, playing 4 hours a week? (Due to my studies, I probably won't have much more time than that.)
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