Autofill is kinda ridiculous at times.

Now i totally understand why autofill is a thing, and especially for ranked queue purposes it is a very encouragable thing. But what I find most annoying is when I'm looking for a chill game of league of legends playing some of my favorite champs in draft. and the most conflicting thing in the world is selecting two roles of which i can flex several of my favorite champs across, such as mid/top (just in case) and getting adc, great, so either i'm facing a constantly increasing dodge timer, or i'm forced to play a 30-40 minute game because nobody wants to surrender a painfully bad game. So what can i do? Afk because i really don't want to play adc and get spam reported? no thanks? int so the game ends faster? no thanks? pick one of those champs from other roles as adc and want to kms? NO THANKS. When you get autofilled 3+ times in a row in draft, what am i supposed to do that isn't negative or just something that'll piss off other players on my team, cause at the end of the day, we all just wanna have fun...
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