Several champions to get some balance

First of all, as you know, Riot is making those strange decisions when it comes to over buffing a champion and nerfing it to the ground. I understand that there will always be meta and non-meta champions, but also that doesn't mean that ones are OP and others are almost unplayable versus them. For example we have several examples in the past year. Irelia - Dominant top and even mid lane. Insane damage with fully stacked passive, CC - Stun, Disarm, damage reduction, high mobility, decent tankiness, great team fight, also very good split push, strong at all stages of the game (early, mid, late). Great outplay potential, ( 1 v 2, 1 v 3), one-shooting squishies like assassin and so on. NOW? Nerfed to the ground! Pushed out of mid lane after W nerf, while also falling off from S to like B tier on top lane. I pointed out Irelia as an example since she is my main, but same goes with Akali from rework till now. Zoe also can never be balanced, now Sylas and Kayle are over buffed and in the next few patches probably they are going to be destroyed. The thing is that it seems like Riot has something like "favorite" champions, that are strong enough and still getting buffs, either directly or trough items/runes. Like Darius, that shiiit of a champion, I can't recall last time when he was nerfed. Even tough he was already strong, he got his W buffed for some reason several patches ago. In general, he has his weaknesses but that stupid passive should be nerfed once and for all. I see now that in the next patch Garen will get buffs, stupid, no brain champion already cancerous getting more to his kit. Take Black Cleaver and 5 defensive items and still do tons of damage. Pyke also for some reason getting buffs... After 1 patch with Morgana being playable on mid lane, buuum NERF. Who has something against Morgana on mid lane? OP? Easy wave clear? Bullshit! It's true, but that is not OP, Zed was completely fine, but NO, buff them again, insane early game kill potential, good wave clear after few levels, great roam potential, so on and so for...And you are nerfing Morgana? I swear, like there is no mage that can counter Zed now, you can just try to poke a bit, and 1 wrong step - you are DEAD! All mages have like 0 armor and are forced to rush Zhonya's. But, however, the thing is that, it is not fair that some champions are untouched or still getting buffs just because they are not played in pro play, the problem with Riot is that they are balancing them depending on pro play. Garen, Darius and some similar stupid champions will never be played in pro play, but that doesn't mean they are not strong enough for SoloQ, they are just not compatible for pro play team compositions and style of play. So at least focus a bit on SoloQ and not just pro play. Thanks :)

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