Evelynn is a broken champion.

[](https://imgur.com/a/lpQ6gAb) I will enumerate facts : strongest ganks in the game huge burst huge escape with r hard cc that is easy to trigger easy to land abilities low cd strong clear decent push, since she is an ap able to secure objectives with her big burst great snowball and also easy snowball hard to counter since you never know where she can come from nice teamfight since she can go in and do a large aoe with insane dmg that will replace her in a safe place really i see only three solutions to counter her : low cd tanky characters with a nice resistance to burst such as maokai, voilbear etc characters with a good escape invincibility characters such as trynda, kindred etc (thats considering kindred didnt get killed during the charm, which he will have a hard time dodging since he cant know where she comes from!) OH, and don't tell me pinks counter her. That's false, because even considering everyone in the team has put pinks in some strategic places (which would never happen btw, 5 synchronized ppl placing a pink in gold?), then she would just clear them and be invisible again. The base concept of this champion, aka permanent invisiblity, is not a healthy thing for the game. Wehenever i don't ban her, either my jng picks it and we win, either the enemy team picks it and we lose. This champion is absolutely not healthy in soloQ. Please remove the cc that she didnt have before the rework. Also, it hink they should put something like pyke's indicator for his w so you know she is around. the heart really isnt enough

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