6300 IP - champion recommendations?

I'm one of those people that want to have diversity in picking champions, to have a champion for any situation. I was always buying champs in an ascending order, so I wanted to switch it up a bit by collecting 6300 IP and then spending it. The problem is that I don't know what to buy, so many things I would like to play, and the choice is really hard. So I'm calling out to you guys, to help me a bit with my choice, I would appreciate it (just don't ask me about my role, I play almost any role, no jungling though) :D Anyways, here are the champs I do not own and would like to play a lot {{champion:245}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:238}} Thanks for your time!
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