Carrying just got made a lot harder...

So I played 2 or 3 games when the patch was applied and I when I played it wasn't too bad, I carried 3 games hard and I had mediocre teammates. Just logged on and played my 4 and 5th game since the patch and's now categorically impossible to carry team mates who have fed the enemy. The feeding doesn't bother me (so much) because these games happen and it's inevitable that I'm going to get match made with these people in the low elo I'm currently in. With the introduction of these new dragon buffs and the completely idiotic buff timers it is now impossible to even have a chance of carrying your team mates if they're not doing very well. The enemy team can freely just rinse my jungle and freely take dragons which provide too much of a substantial buff. I can somewhat understand the dragons they make the early game a bit more competitive, albeit a frustrating thing in low elo because of a majority of peoples lack of game knowledge, w/e though I should eventually get to where I should be at which is around mid/high platinum. The buff timers on the other hand, oh wow. I think this is one of the worst updates you've ever introduced into the game. If I'm not playing with premades or half decent players what am I supposed to do a jungler, you even limited warding and no matter how much I ask people they refuse to even buy pinks and ward my jungle entrances and I can only ward so much. Congratulations you've made pro play a bit more interesting, but in return made in EVEN MORE horrible for solo players. Why would you be trying to promote this, should I just go play another game? It seems like there is no point playing anymore unless you play with friends and unfortunately none of my friends play this game. Your game is going to die out, you can't make a game solely for playing with friends as you're going to gradually lose solo players which most likely make up at least 50% of the player base. Good luck riot. Oh ye and just to add, well done for introducing new overpowered reworked champions, I hope you keep the team on this project who have been fucking up since mid S5.
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