Riot ''balanced matchmaking''

So I just got a smurf to play on because i didnt feel confortable playing ranked on my main with all my friends being dicks about it and judging my minutest mistakes. So i get to the point were i can play 5v5 blinds and i do 4 games which i all win. Then after this winstreak the next game i get placed in a team that contains 2 guys that typed mid or feed (which they did) one adc that afk and one really bad tf (cant really blame the tf). Next game is the same thing minus them anouning that they will feed they just randomely tilted and started feeding. The next game was just straight up not fair. My team had players under lvl10 and the enemy team consisted of player that were 20 and above. The final 2 games were basically the same although the 5th game gave me an instalocking teemo that took my top position and procedded to feed and insult everyone. So from what im getting is that if you win alot you dont get placed against more skilled player but you get placed with less skilled players that feed and troll. Idk either this is the worst coincidence or my observations are true
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