Why is Sylas still not disabeld?

Riot Issues Sylas Global Disable After Competitive Play Bugs
League of Legends ' newest champion, Sylas, has now been disabled globally across all regions in competitive play because of some game-breaking bugs that were encountered recently. This was announced by the LEC's operations lead on Twitter. At this stage, it's uncertain how long the Sylas global disable is going to last.
So i know, noone of us is a professional, but why do we have to play against/with a champion which very apparently has quite a few bugs which even Riot notices. But then why is he still allowed in Ranked's? And i hope bugfixes and nerv's come fast for him, he has just too freaking much. A Double-Dmg on Q with a Double-Slow, a Heal+Dmg+Gapcloser W, a Snare+Knockback+Shield+Dash/Gapcloser+Dmg E and of course the "Ultimate". And dont forget the AOE DMG Passive after every spell
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