From 30 to 38 and all I get from Capsules is 3 Champions with Low-BE

I've returned to play the Game since the **Runes Reforged **Patch was released Hoping it is better than before, But here is what i get from leveling up from **30 **to **38**, Every time i leveled up i got the **Level-Up Champion Capsule** And it **always and always** gives me **3 **Champions And **270BE**, **One worth 450BE and Two worth 1350BE** And they're always the same chmapions i own, **SO** i have to **disenchant **them And as we all know _**450BE-Champ = 90BE \ 1350BE-Champ = 240BE**_ So my total revenues from leveling up is _**840BE**_ , I played almost every day **3 Matches ** And i get **600XP **from the **First** and **130 XP ~ 190 XP** from the **Second and Third** So total XP per day is _**~900XP**_ , to level up i need **3 Days** since i only play **3~4** times per day since the **Level-Up Cap **is **2500~2880 ** or something, So now see this I play **3 Days** a **3 Matches** to level-up **1 Level** to get **840BE** but in the IP system it was like I play **3 Days** a **3 Matches** to get **1140IP**. I understand it is about **LUCK** but seriously, Making earning game currency about **LUCK** is a **WTF** case, I got continuously for **8 Levels** in **24 Day** of playing Only **4560BE** Because of **LUCK** and i could've collected in the old IP system a guaranteed **9120IP**. Please fix this, I don't want to waste my time playing to get BE just for a CHANCE to get **1** a **6300BE** champ once every year **BECAUSE OF LUCK** , And we all know how _**LUCK **_ works in this game, Specially in _**Queues**_ .
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