Perma-Autofill in Normal-Games

So... I've seen there are a few posts about this, but i cant find a proper statement from Riot. Why is Autofill always-on in normal drafts? You can't tell me, that ALL of a sudden, queue times spiked up to 10+ minutes when preseason hit the client. I never had issues finding a game in a reasonable time. Why even let me select a role, when autofill fucks me up every 3rd (number not accurate :P) game and completely wastes my time!? I get it, that in ranked it can be needed - but NOT in normal games. In normal games, i want to have my fair share of fun. Not something i get forced into by a flawed system which can end in a desaster for the whole team. Hell,...let's take it to a next level: I get a role i never/next to never play. I feed because I am terrible at it and thus might lose the game for the team. It's wasted time - not just for me - but also for at least 4 other people! And because nobody knows by default, that you got autofilled, the next step would be reports coming in, because you get reported for playing bad anyway and it's the systems fault, that i ended up in this situation. Why would it be MY responsibility to communicate something, riot forced onto me? I'm already frustrated enough to play something I did NOT want, when i was about to have some fun. I play 3 positions decently - not good, but not terrible either (excluding "having a bad day"-Games) - and that should be more than enough in a NORMAL enviornment. In all seriousness: DISABLE AUTOFILL IN NORMAL-DRAFT! Thank you, for letting me rant about this.
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