I highly doubt that even jax can 1v1 nasus at 400 stacks now

So yeah i was playing renekton leaning towards full ad side. I absolutely roflstomped an enemy nasus. So i roamed did my croc stuff had fun then turned again at top that was besieged by nasus(inner). I tabbed and saw that he had frozen heart tabi and IG if i'm not mistaken as well as around 250 stacks. I was nearing full build at that moment rocking hydra, black cleaver, sterak's gage and botrk (nasus,skarner special). Little did i know that my poor croc would get annihilated by nasus ( i barely brought him down to 30% health and i had executed everything perfectly, specifically using my second E on him before executing my combo. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ
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