CertainlyT is the best thing to happen to this game

This guy has designed some of the best and most fun kits in the game. Apart from Zoe his champion designs and reworks have been amazing. Just think of the Warwick rework fro example, it put Warwick in a great spot and he is almost always viable. \\not to mention how he did a great job with Graves' rework. He also designed one of my favourite champions, Darius. Such an amazing designer I would have hired this guy too, he deserves none of the hate he is getting, all people do is see him for making Zoe and Yasuo (which IMO Yasuo is an amazingly well designed and unique champion) which people don't like without looking at the amazing other champions and reworks he has been involved in such as the ones I mentioned, Graves and Warwick. Keep up the good work CertainlyT! {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
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