I just got demoted from Silver 5 to Bronze 1

I was so happy when I climbed from Bronze to Silver, but that happiness didn't last very long. So after the biggest losing streak ever, I just got demoted from Silver 5 to Bronze 1. I thought it wasn't possible to demote from Silver to Bronze? I googled if it was possible, and there were a few posts saying it's possible, but that it's actually an achievement to do so... Well I didn't really play that bad, but I managed to get demoted :'). If you look through my match history of the last 40 games or so, there's almost always 2 feeding lanes in my team, how's that supposed to be fair? I'm not saying I should be in higher elo or anything, but I definitely do belong in Silver. This losing streak really got me thinking about completely quiting the game... I can probably get out of Bronze again by playing champs I don't really want to, but not sure if I want to do that yet again.
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