About Skins and Refunding.

Heya, I just bought SKT Jhin. I saw the skinspotlight video about a week ago, and knew I wanted it. So I bought my RP, and waited. I was tempted multiple times to buy a different skin, but I did not waver. And today, the skin finally came out! I instantly bought it and hopped into game, and was immediately, utterly, dissapointed. The splash looked alright, but when I actually got into loading screen I liked it a lot less. The skin just feels a bit... odd. The fast running feels awkward, the recall is honestly pretty bad, and it just doesn't feel like a good, 1350 RP skin. I would have refunded it. except for the fact that I used all 3 of my refunds 2 years ago, when I started playing. I'm honestly not sure if I prefer this skin over the base skin, but I can't refund it! ---- A thing to wonder about is the fact that you can always refund Steam games for example, if you've played them for less than two hours that is. They will give you all your money back, for whatever reason you say. It works like that in the real world too, that's pretty much the entire point of a receipt. Bought the Witcher III but your PC turned out to be too garbage to run it? Just refund it, and get your money back in a day! Did you just buy a new flatscreen television that turns out to be an inch too wide? Good thing you got a receipt! With most clothing sites, you can buy as many clothes as you want, and return all of them if you don't like em! Now, a lot of people will say: "Well you can also refund things in League, you can only refund 3 things though." Imagine that with clothing. "Yeah sir, we're sorry that those clothes don't fit you at all, but there's a 3 item max return limit!". Pretty weird, right? You can return infinite amounts of real, actual things, but there's a cap on **visual changes to characters in a video game? ** I of course understand that there is a reason behind this, otherwise you could just buy a skin, play with it for a while, refund it, buy another skin, play with it for a while, etc. But still! People who've been enjoying this game for multiple years should have some options too! ------- Now, a suggestion I've heared a lot is to give players more refunds. Perhaps as end of season rewards, perhaps purchasable for IP (pretty bad idea) or just for every new season you get 3 new refunds! I'm not sure if I agree with this, but I know that I would want all of these options to be true. I am one of those big League spenders, owning at least a skin for each champion, and for some champs owning two or three skins. I like skins. I like spending money. I have money. The decision didn't take long to make. I've bought all those skins, and really_ never_ felt regret. Until now that is. **Now** is the time I wish I hadn't blown my 3 refunds in my first month of playing on refunding champions that I didn't like, or whatever I wasted them on. But alas, the damage is done. Now I sit here with my shitty Jhin skin, ( that's fun to say out loud ) and wishing for refunds. I know I probably won't get to refund that skin, ever. I honestly don't think that Riot will ever do something to give your refunds back or something like that. **So, I'll be here. For eternity, with a skin that I don't like. ** (The point in my article? Dunno if there's one, just wanted to share my opinion. ) Cya.
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