The real reason league of legends is getting worse.

Fun. A concept Riot has completely forgot due to them focusing too hard on simplifying the game and removing the options to be creative. People will always say "they do it for eSports" that is only slightly true but I will list off these key points now to explain why not everything revolves around eSports. Simplifying the game: This game back in the day was tough to get started on I won't even lie the tutorials were terrible, the interface was confusing such as the rune pages/masteries and you got chucked straight into the deep end because the recommended builds were absolutely terrible. The only way you could learn builds was playing the game and seeing what other players were doing (if in doubt, play Ashe mid lol). However, in a way the options to streamline and make the game easier to play ruined what pulled me into league in the first place. It was a breath of fresh air for me at the time it was something I had never watched or played so I had to test the waters with anything I did and in a way I loved that! but now that's kind of impossible since the game tells you what champs go where and the matchmaker now puts you into specific roles so you are basically forced into how Riot wants you to be play the game which leads to my next point. Creativity was murdered for accessibility: This part still hurts my soul to this day, Runes and masteries were removed from the game simply because it helped new players and heck even current players struggling with optimal rune setups of the current meta at the time. On paper it sounds like a good thing however this change stopped anyone from playing differently as now everyone has set in stone stats meaning you play what you are given. For any old school fans out there, remember sivhd's crazy builds like hp regen Sion or ap xinxhao? Heck everyone remembers Crit runes gangplank who wouldn't it was absolutely hilarious. Well, all of that is impossible now because of the set in stone stats you always have to play exactly how Riot wants you to play and honestly I hate that. This is still a game you shouldn't kill the option for people to have a bit of fun. I used to build full armour runes old taric and I absolutely loved it. Played him top lane and watching enemies get shredded by my beautiful gems was one of the funniest things ever, I was also a big fan of ap alistar but my point being Riot has removed these options to get creative with a champion you can't build them any different than what was intended due to the set stats it's really sad. Many other funny build's were killed off and I know for any that might be left Riot will get to it eventually as they don't want people striving away from the champs original intention (rip ap shyvana). Riot need to sit down and stop focusing on forcing a meta and let people get creative with the options the game once had. Old runes may have looked messy or complicated but it was a blank canvas for you to decide how exactly you wanted to play your champ and I absolutely loved it. Thanks for reading guys and I hope someone at Riot see's this but I doubt it will happen.
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