Please help with Tahm Kench's Devour/Regurgitate combo trolling on allies

How to escape this combo when you are an ally (on the same team) and he Devours you ?? I can not figure this out. 1) Tahm Kench can steal jungle monsters by Devouring you when you are about to smite, then smiting them himself. This way he gets the buff. 2) He can steal kills using the same Devour/Regurgitate combo, leaving you with an assist instead of a kill. 3) He can Devour you, run towards enemy turret, and Regurgitate you, forcing you to take turret damage. This gets even worse at enemy fountain. Is there any way to get away from this? Kalista was easy, just click where you want to be placed. But this is somewhat annoying. Update after playing few more bot games with TahmKench allies: To the people claiming, "you can simply click where you want to be placed/you can choose when he devours you", you can *not*. You need to actually have played with an allied Tahm Kench on live servers before posting. Watching the champ spotlight , and saying "working as expected", is not right. You can not control when he devours you, and the ejection-on-click is _very_ buggy. It will not work most of the time. So you end up waiting the entire duration, or for him to regurgitate you.
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