I've recently noticed that abusing the surrender button is quite a common thing that players do. I mean: **Enemy first blood and a teamate says: "GG surrend at 20 we cant win this" T_T** **Some other guy says: "This game is boring please surrend" T_T** **Random "Surrend pls we lost this" when the enemy is winning T_T** **I am finally having a good game after losing three in a row: Enemy team surrenders after 20 minutes because "game is not fun" T_T T_T T_T** So next time you have a surrender vote, please be an Honorable Opponent and stop thinking about yourself, stop being selfish and consider that the enemy team deserves to win, to push all the way to the nexus and get that sweet sweet win, as much as you would want to if you were having a good game. Thanks {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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