Sleeper OP champions and what causes them to awaken.

Well, sometimes i wonder why does it happen. There are champions that are considered balanced or even slightly underpowered and then suddnly, without direct changes to them or even indirect ones.... BAM, OP, pick or ban, report whoever did nto ban, what a noob. This was the issue in season 4 with Janna, who got barely noticed untill Gorilla picked her up. This was the issue with season 5 midlane Soraka, that out of the blue sky flushed midlane assassin meta down the toilet. Last season it was Zac. This early season suddenly Lulu has awaken. Like suddenly she got there, created Kog/Lulu botlane meta. Kog moved out of the meta, but lulu freaking stayed. .... and now it is Draven. You cannot even attribute this awakening to the lethality nerfs beacuse a) he awakened quite a while after the said nerfs b) Draven is strong with lethality build too. is it possible that, even now, there are sleeper OPs sittilng there at 3-5% pick rate, waiting to be discovered?
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