A honest opinion about Sejuani Rework from an Sejuani Main ( top 100 EUW)

{{champion:113}} is my main since i back to league in 2016 ( September) i was {{champion:67}} in 2012 and 2013 then i stop play when a lot of script players invade diamond 3. I Start to play {{champion:113}} because her c.c is very strong early/mid/late game ( if enemy do not build mercurial ) and another very important thing, a lot of players says that {{champion:113}} suck early game, ppl think {{champion:113}} cant gank before ult, {{champion:113}} is not a {{champion:54}} , and i developed this strategy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KAXAlcyz84&t=36s with {{champion:113}} , then u have a amazing early game with a very strong late game champion, but now the only thing i can think about this rework on {{champion:113}} is. WHY? WHy they want to nerf her ult so hard? if riot want to change something they can put a 99% slow like thresh ult or a sner like amumu ult ( the difference about sner and stun is that when enemy receive amumu ult they still able to AA enemy ) all the potential of Sejuani engage is done, also when all your team are death and u are trying to def your INIB tower 1v5 and enemy decides to dive a Sejuani with 6k Hp and u got a penta because u are able to stun they all and let turret up will be not available anymore. She just can't do noting alone anymore. SO here is my suggestions : Her 's Q do not need any change we can do amazing things with Q+Flash W Can be like thresh Q she can use her's weapon to push enemy from the neck or stun him ( Skill shot ) E if u or your team hit enemy more then 4 times you can press E and frost the enemy R Jump to a area like malphite and everybody inside this area get frosted . Passive Sejuani auto stacks frost enemy causing 8% slow ( lvl 1 ) 12% slow (lvl6) 14%slow (lvl 11) 16% slow ( lvl 18) .
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