Dont know even how to start but every game is like if my bot wins i win ,if my bot loses i lose, games been like this for months and smthing must change. Enemy team picks {{champion:498}} /{{champion:497}} = instalose ,shield/heal supports are BUSTED and thats bcs their items are busted and free /cheap to purchase, everything gives them cdr and tools to shield/heal EVEN MORE THEIR PRECIOUS UNSTOPPABLE AD CARRY THAT NOBODY CAN TOUCH , late game.... their late game is BY FAR the strongest of any other role , even if they do nothing the entire game they still can destroy everyone late game , best example ? {{champion:67}} , and so much more. OOPS i almost forgot the new champion{{champion:145}} ... Seriously? like we dont have enought broken bot lame picks at all, and still they add a new broken tier adc and buff it after one patch .... 0omg . Stop making more champs ,ur destroying the game even more with ur unbalanced complex kits that u give to new champs... we dont need more , we have enought champions for EVERY PLAYSTYLE,just STOP PLZZZZZZZZZZZ. Start balancing the game , start by fixing bot lane !!!!!!!! its not so difficult ,there r so many ways to do it . 1)nerf support items 2)make adc items more expensive 3)nerf {{champion:117}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:498}} THATS IT ! i think that most of people agree with that ,im bored of this situation so i decide to make this post,hope someone do smthing about the game's bad current state
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