Can we fix tanks?

I know tank is a publicly hated role and the last time they were useful is being mentioned as "tank meta" and everyone calls it the worst meta ever. Note that it was the time when they got the two items that the role needed {{item:3194}} {{item:3193}} With Conqueror in the game, laning is unplayable with a tank (and im talking about real tanks, not bruisers). You have no chance to farm as the Conqueror using bruiser you are likely playing against will just force trades that they will win thanks to a keystone. Getting killed is never fun, but when you pick a tank, you expect to be tougher. Yet all you get is just getting dived every time your opponent pushed to the tower. Even in lategame, when you stack up 200-300 armor, all you will experience is getting bursted by bruisers. Just no counterplay whatsoever. All you can do against a Conqueror toplaner, is pick a stronger Conqueror toplaner, but yeah, how fun is that, and how healthy for the meta. And what was the design idea of this all? Just made a rune that provides what a bruiser needs against a tank? With comet, you at least have to hit the enemy, Aery on the other hand deals low damage because its easy to apply. Grasp and Fleet are well designed for tank and ad to sustain on lane or in trades. Aftershock is really what an engage tank needs, but its still active for a moderated amount of time and its not gonna carry in itself. I could go on about how every Keystone really is a key to acces more, except Conqueror. Conq is just a key to winning trades, duels, fights and carry with a bruiser because it definitely scales good with items. As long as Conqueror is as it is, toplane will never be balanced. And lets go ahead and thank hashinshin for begging Riot to make this rune so that he can not lose with his Kled and Jax top.
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