Can I get banned for trying unconventional builds?

I would like to have 17 games in a row, all with different keystones with my main (Sona), while having my build adapt to the rune I'm using (like going apc and getting nashor's, wit's end when playing with press the attack, building twin's shadow while having glacial augment, maybe even going for a health build with grasp), and I would be premade with my botlane, whether they're supporting me or I'm supporting them. I only have 1 issue, which is aftershock. That rune will be so useless that I can't even tell. (Although once I brought aftershock playing Akali because my runes bugged out while I was changing them and they didn't save, which was worse because Sona can at least proc it.) So the question is: it's not something that can get me banned, right? Like I'll actually be trying to win the games, and after finishing all of them, possibly share my experience here, on the boards, and say a few notes about how each rune felt.
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