they say nasus is fine.kite him,pick this into him pick that

So how the %%%% is ADC supposed to kite nasus that slows your attack speed and your movement speed for like 5-6 seconds? I also saw someone saying pick riven,urgot,camille etc into him and u destroy him with ease,yes you do,but before 6,once he gets 6 you are %%%%ed,you wanna know why? here im gnona tell you why,because doesnt matter how much stacks he has his q has no cooldown while R active,just q q q q q do u know how much damage is that depending on how much stacks he has?true,you can deal with nasus with almost every champion but in early levels,late game u just cant. And about nasus jungle how the %%%% are you supposed to stop him farming his own jungle? And like freeze lane,get jungler's help,that will just get u small lead but eventually he will stack up anyways so no point in camping him. enlighten me plz
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