Your MMR isn't dertemined by KDA, DMG, CS and other things. Its determined by Wins and Losses.

Your MMR is only affected by KDA, DMG, CS, how many turrets killed and other stuff **IN THE PLACEMENTS GAMES**. Then After you got you ranked your gonna have a few game (about 10-20) where you stats only matter a small percentage. After these games you have got your "true starting rank". From here your Stats matter ZERO. The only thing thats gonna make you lose/gain more/less LP is by winning or losing. If you lose 10 games in a row you gonna lose 20 Lp and gain 17. Even if you finished all games with a positive KDA. I have tested this theroy on 3 Accounts. And sofar its true. In the Screenshot every game i won there i got **+16 LP** and on the Losing games i lost **-21 LP**. My KDA was ok and i was trying my hardest NOT TO FEED. Im in Gold 4. And i tested this on my other Gold 4 Account and 1 Silver 2 Account.
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