Syndra? What happened to her damage output?

Is it me? Or is Syndra really terrible right now? My starting runes 15AP, 7.8 magic pen and max armor and magic resist runes. Item build for me at the end game: Zhonya's hourglass, Athene's Unholy grail, Void staff, Sorcerer's shoes, Aether wisp (towards luden's echo) I just did a game of ARAM and against Irelia with 1 magic resist item (Wit's end), I couldn't even take 10% of her health away with my ult. In the end of the game my damage was 50% of all the others. My single orbs and minion throws did about 160-250 damage on enemy champions... then w grab and throw again still no damage... and well by that time you're lucky if you didn't lose 40%+ HP from other's poking you. Maybe im just fucking bad at Syndra. But i tend to remember her as being able to blow up a single champion with ease. So what happened?
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