Help me Understand Kai'sa.

I just played a Ranked game with a player who has Kai'sa as her main champion for play and I thought we would have an easy time. I know that her Q is damage tool and can be evolved, her W is a snipe tool for her to engage with her ult with and her E is an engage tool, similar to Vayne. But the Kai'sa I played with right now, always E'd in only to back off instantly, never W on slow targets that I used Zilean's E on and barely every used ultimate except for escape. Now I never played Kai'sa so I don't understand if you are meant to use E to bait out an enemy champion's abilities and if you're meant to only use W for securing kills or within a fight, rather that looking for a W>R combo. Can you adc players tell me how a Kai'sa player plays?`Cause clearly last game was my fault for reading my own teammate's Kai'sa movements wrong. (I went in every time she used E, and stunned players hoping she would jump on them which made me lose a lot of mana)

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