Just thought I'd share one of my proudest games

It wasn't my best game as in like stats, but what made this game interesting is that I, as a gold player was playing with and against Diamond players (the enemy even had a Master player), and I think I did a pretty good job keeping up with everything, according to op.gg I was the second best in this game (first one was my adc, so yay!). Also had probably my best vision score this game (150 vision score/hour, when the challenger support vision score average is around 99/hour, and I was warding efficiently and wasn't just spamming it for the score), and it was just a really good and enjoyable game in general, like everybody was playing well and nobody was trolling. Here's a peak at my vision score this game: https://imgur.com/cTFDH8e Also, don't take it as me wanting to brag. I just had a good game against high elo opponents, so I'm simply just proud, and this game was such a blast for me that I couldn't keep myself from sharing it. I admit I made some oopsies here and there, my decision making was a little off sometimes, but in overall I think I played that well. For me it was the kind of game where you play your first game of the day, and then it's that good that you don't want to play anymore that day because you want to finish the day with a good match. Thank you for reading, and also, sorry for the spam, I'm just happy and hyped! {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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