Warwick Ability/Passive Ideas

Hi guy, Been thinking a bit about Warwicks kit since seeing he's up for a rework towards the next pre-season/early 7 and it got me thinking about ways to change his dated and dull kit, starting with his passive. Now, I won't lie, I actually had to look up Wws passive as I'd never bothered to actually look at his kit and well.. Built in life steal is so bland it's no wonder I looked over it. My idea runs along a similar line to Kindreds marking target ability. Since Warwick is the Blood Hunter, it could fit his kit to have his passive work in a way that allows him to target an enemy champion and when they are targeted, Warwick gains increased movement speed/attack speed against that target. Ww's movement speed could increase when approaching the target if the target is damaged/weakened. This could resemble him being empowered by the scent of blood coming from the champions battle wounds. Acting somewhat like when a champion moves back towards a friendly Janna. It would allow him the ability to close gaps in a gank without just walking at his target on his base speed and making him a threat when he is within range of his abilities. Ww is fairly easy to kite and deny unless his ult is up which is in my opinion, a dated and unfair gap closer. He has so much potential with his champion identity that could be played around with, it'd be cool to see some focused, effectively change-ups applied to his kit. ------------------------------------------------- Q Another change could be to his Q in that of an onclick, 3 stacking swipe that slowly increases his attack speed for each stack & give a bleed similar to Darius's passive, fitting with the Blood theme. W Base steroids seem to be getting phased out with newer champions, so I'd be in favour of turning this into an AoE slow that allows him a gap closer or in a chase situaion, similar to a cone shaped howl in a similar fashion to Talons rake. E This is an ability that basically becomes irrelevant due to the passive change I've suggested, so what I'd go for in this would be a single target skill shot that throws warwick towards a target and either stuns/slows them to allow him to be on top of them. Not anywhere near as strong as his current ult of course, but something that brings Cc to his core kit to allow him reliable ganking potential pre6. R His current ult is probably the most iconic part if his kit, be it because you loved it as a newbie friendly ability or hate it due to making Inexperienced ww players only gank post 6, it needs a change, but not too far from his current theme. I'd suggest a drag similar to skarners ult, allowing him to pull his prey away from the team or in a gank. But instead of a solid immobilisation like skarners ult, WW could drag the target on 2-3 separate pulls, similar to Thresh's Q, while doing damage via a bite/scratch at each pull. So the damage could scale with each pull. Obviously these are just a few ideas I've had, but I think they stick close to the core theme of Ww as a champion while also giving him an up to date, relevant and fresh kit. Lemme know what you think, thanks SmAs

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