Let's be honest: {NEW RUNES]

A new season , a fresh start , a new gameplay , new sh*t ... This year we got the new runes system, IMO i think it's great af. Now , the new runes system was designed so could people try to fit their playstyle in the game and so people could find a different way of playing and these runes could affect your gameplay too... that doesn't mean that everyone should rush to the nearest (or famous) Youtubers OTP (such as gripex "Lee Sin") and find out what runes does he use and copy paste it .... The new runes system offered you a great way to reward your playstyle or how you used to play in the previous year but couldn't help cause you had to stick your ass to a certain meta or champ or gamestyle just to win.. We are all searching on websites and youtube just find the perfect runes to win everygame instead of finding our own playstyle. For example , when i played Ezreal with the new runes system i went with Electrocute "or whatever" because IMO i think my playstyle is all in or nothing, when i got in the game , everyone was like "DUUUUUUUUUDE WHY YOU DONT HAVE KLEPTOMANCY" , didn't know what was that , then i figured it was scaling runes ,"or cheesy" , now what we got? we got a nerfed Ezreal and a nerfed Kelptomancy.. to sum up what i said , choose runes based on your playstyle , not the meta or what someone else told you Thank you
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