Weird Riot balancing logic Kennen VS Syndra

AD kennen has been meta for a few patches. Gets instantly nerfed. Syndra has been top tier for more then a whole season. Still no nerfs.( I don't count the small w range nerf...) They just nerf AD kennen so FNC their favourite pick wouln't work anymore. But the biggest question is, why is Syndra not nerfed yet? Just do something about her ultimate. I mean, maby don't even nerf her, but make her harder to land ults. Examples: Decreasing the range, you have to hit a q onto some1 before you can ult that target,... Like i don't understand riot logic. A pick that has been top tier for a whole season, doesn't get nerfed. A pick that has been top tier for a few patches, instantly nerfed. Syndra and kennen are just examples. There are many more picks that have this problem
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