Unbalanced game

**The point of this list is to show Riot not even half of their champions are being played by the mayority of players! There are so much champions way too weak and so much champions that are strong, the gap between those 2 is too big, the champions in these lists are my opinion, everyone has their own opinion, if your main is in the nerf list dont get salty because of it, thank you.** I honestly think Riot has no clue of what they're doing. I can sum up a list of champions that clearly need nerfs for SO LONG and I can make a list of champions that are clearly a joke and need buffs for a great period of time with an exception of Aatrox and Vladimir because I understand buffing them wil make them toxic, watch me go: In need of buffs(some just slightly): * Azir{{champion:268}} * Fiddlesticks{{champion:9}} * Galio{{champion:3}} * Heimerdinger{{champion:74}} * Jarvan IV{{champion:59}} * Karthus{{champion:30}} * Kayle{{champion:10}} * Mordekaiser{{champion:82}} * Nami{{champion:267}} * Nocturne{{champion:56}} * Nunu{{champion:20}} * Shaco{{champion:35}} * Singed{{champion:27}} * Taric {{champion:44}} (getting reworked, yes I know) * Urgot{{champion:6}} * Varus{{champion:110}} * Yorick{{champion:83}} (rework) * Ziggs{{champion:115}} * Zilean{{champion:26}} * Zyra{{champion:143}} You may agree or disagree, but these champions are being picked less for a reason, they're just alot weaker and have less to offer than other champions. Compare champions in this lists with champions alike and just think about it for a brief moment. In need of nerfs: * Annie{{champion:1}} * Brand{{champion:63}} * Corki{{champion:42}} * Ezreal{{champion:81}} * Kalista{{champion:429}} * Lux{{champion:99}} * Malphite{{champion:54}} * Quinn{{champion:133}} * Udyr{{champion:77}} * Trundle{{champion:48}} Xin zhao{{champion:5}} * Some champions in both lists are just strong atm, but others are far too weak or way too strong for a longer period of time. These are just the extreme cases that really stand out from the rest. Ask yourself this: "Why are there only +/- 40 champions being played of the 120+ by the mayority of players?" Also some champions are just hard to balance and need tweaks in their kits, their kits just dont work. Let me know what you think by answering the poll and I honest to god hope employees of Riot see this post and realise that they have no idea of how to balance a game.
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