Mobility (ahm..Yasuo) is basically broken

Recently I find either my team or the enemy team features Yasuo{{champion:157}} in every game I play and guess what? Every time he gets fed. I cannot express more hate for this champion because he basically has all the things to be invincible and is completely unbalanced. I do not see any weaknesses in this champion in soloq and the only reason he is not played in competitive is the huge aggressive playstyle needed to succeed. In soloq, this is not a problem so yeah. His abilities are the main concerns: 1. The shield: simply cannot poke him down with range or abilities 2. No mana: seems fine to me, but not after the abilities are already broken 3. His Q makes sense after all, doesn't seem too broken. 4. Problems come with his W - Wind Wall. Yes, Yasuo is skilled with using the wind and could block bullets with it. I can get on with that but how the hell are you supposed to tell me that wind could block a giant wave{{champion:267}} {{item:3070}} by simply touching it. Also, they say he is prone to hard CC but this could basically block any kind of projectiles without taking any damage. This could be the most important tool in the whole enemy team and poof... disappeared. So no long ranged attack or abilities can reach him. 5. His E allows him to dash through any enemy target AND DOES COST ANYTHING. Of course, it cannot be used on the same target in a period of time but this gets away from the tanks who would try to stop Yasuo from reaching the back line. You can't even auto-attack him as melee because he is simply not in range. You can't even click on the Yasuo, let only kiting him. And try kiting a champion which has unlimited dashes. That's not even his ulti (unlike{{champion:84}} ) 6. His R, 20-second cooldown cause why not. I am not going to talk more about how broken this champion is because the Yasuo mains here are going to flame {{item:3751}} me in the comments as they usually do in game. So that's that.
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