Is it just me or is Kayles late game worse then before the rework?

I hear everyone say how she is not a champion early but a god late. While I think we can all agree on her early being non-existent idk about the second part. I have seen and played as Kayle before the rework and she was always a beast if she got into late game but having seen her a few times after she reaches that magical level 11 or even 16 I think she is worse. Before she could actually go 1v5 and have a chance but now I feel like even after level 16 at most she could take on 3 people. Even then she would only win if they already blew everything on someone else. This might just be because now it feels like it takes longer for her to get a kill making me think that she is worse while in reality she just requires a bit more fines but that is why I am asking.
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