Dear Rito (monthly rant post inc.)

You killed off Viktor with that cost increase partially. Ahri and Xerath, as well as Ziggs are long forgotten in meta (i can play them perfectly , they will feel useless whatever i do). I can pull with Lux....oooor bore myself to death with my beloved Swain. So yeah...partially gutted, but there are options. On the other side - i would really....REALLY like you to gut one group. And no - not assassins. Not even close. What i mean are - utility mages. Supposed "jack of all trades" that should exchange some lane presence for utility. My sorry ass. I am talking about lane Karma, Orianna and Lulu. They bring way too much safety, speed, sheilds, for almost no proper counter measures. Its quite simple- if assassin depends on rolling in lane to have a presence, utility mage needs his lane presence to be gutted. You choose teamfight - you will not have proper capability for lane kill, or equal damage whatsoever. Ok...since im done with being pissed of - downvote it.
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