Hey Riot Did you make me clever again? Or It was just mistake?

Hallo and Good morning/evening (depends when u read it) No it might sees like hate riot or something for ban or something NO. I really wish some answer from rioters cuz rest ll definitelly do not know it! I'm Zyra main and I noticed that Her flowers again has its clever. ... if u do not know what I'm saying let's easier way → before patch when zyra lost Her passive flower and flowers stoped focused champs. I discovered that flowers when "they" are attacked deffence itself but about few months before it was removed (on my opinion) cuz "they" stopped turn to enemy which attack "them". But now when I played Zyra I noticed that Flowers again start being smart and turn on to enemy which attack "them" as selfdefence. Am I right? Could you tell me how exactly it is right now. {{sticker:sg-lux}} Thank you 4 your time <3

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