People who troll new champ select.

I've had 3 people in about 10 games pick supp as a role, then say "I will play ADC/Mid" and then lock in Vayne (twice) or Yasuo - (why always those champs??) Can we please have the option to disband champ select and report these people before getting into a game that WILL be ruined. I will admit, they were "only" normals, but even still, I expect people to stick to the rules that Riot have imposed with the new Draft pick system - personally I just dodge and do something else for a while, but I'd prefer to not have to, and besides, if it were ranked I'd lose out for their trolling. We could have a huge debate about meta and diversifying and stuff, but if I want to play weird and wonderful stuff that breaks the traditional lane setup I'll grab a bunch of friends who are also in on it, we have discussed how and why it could work and not break it on some unsuspecting teammates who are expecting people to stick to the rules imposed by the new draft setup.

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