Mandatory jungler rant of the day

For all you entitled shortsighted noob midlaners. The blue buff DOES NOT belong to you. Nor does the red buff nor any other jungle minion. You know why? Because it's the jungle, you know the place where the jungler gets to farm and keep up with the lanes? Because unlike you on the lane with free farm strolling right down the lane for easy picking the jungler has no such luxuries. Hell the jungler is stuck there cleaning up the mess after you miserably horrid laners always manage to overfeed your lane 1v1 for no good reason and then you dare, YOU DARE get in the way of your one and only salvation from your pathetic mistakes? It seems all of you trash laners keep forgetting, that it is the jungler that keeps roaming and providing significantly more vision and safety on your side of the map, it is the jungler who comes to aid when you have once again overstayed your welcome sitting out of position as an easy target for a gank, it is the jungler that protects your turret when you have ran out of HP and MP and need to recall. It's about time that you learned to look at your own horrible mess of a lane and start dealing with that first before you come into the JUNGLERS jungle taking the JUNGLERS farm.
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