Warwick W passive - critique from a visual standpoint.

I feel like the Warwick rework is definitely one of the better ones released by Riot. BUT, one thing that REALLY bothers me when we played him on the PBE for a couple of games, is the fact that every time your W passive toggles, your whole screen gets these red borders and red lines all over the place. Essentially your screen is red for around half the total game time. On and off, all the time. I'd suggest there'd be a red flash perhaps when the passive toggles, but would just leave the red line for Warwick to follow as a visual after the initial red flash. Or let the screen be red like it is, but only when you self-toggle W by activating it (not by the passive toggle). It really takes a toll on your focus and over all it's just too much going on. {{champion:19}}
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